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Optimize payment strategy when financing purchases

Reduce credit card and other debt quicker

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Credit Card Chaos ?   Debt Frenzy ?

Are You Using The Best
Payment Method ?

Do you have debt - credit cards, car loans, mortgage payments - that you pay each month ?

Do you want your debt paid down more quickly, while saving money on interest charges ?

Optimized Payment Strategy
Debt Reduction Calculator is an app which is used to determine the optimized payment strategy for financing purchases, or to reduce credit card and other debt.

Do you have multiple credit cards to pay each month ? When multiple credit card payments are involved, with different interest rates and minimums, minor changes can produce huge savings in finance charges.

Debt Reduction Calculator provides a quick and easy means for viewing different payment scenarios, so you can reduce debt quicker and save money.

Save Money On Interest Payments
Do you pay more than the minimum on more than one credit card ?

This is a common mistake, and it can cost you significant time and money. Whenever there is extra money for credit card payments, make sure the highest interest rate debt gets 100% of that extra money, and everything else uses the minimum payment only.

But one of your credit cards is low, and you really really want it paid off, so you can reduce the number of payments each month. The wrong strategy could be expensive.

Debt Reduction Calculator even includes the snowball and avalanche payment options, to pay off debts even quicker.

multiple credit cards example

Save Money With Extra Principal Payments
Thinking of making extra principal payments for a car loan or home mortgage ?

With Debt Reduction Calculator, you can easily see the effect those extra payments can make, and that could save you thousands of dollars.

extra principal payments example

Save Money With Optimized Financing
In the market for a car or home ?

Debt Reduction Calculator lets you run many different interest rate and monthly payment scenarios before making your purchase, to optimize the loan for your situation.

For example, check the impact of different interest rates on a potential mortgage. Or compare the results for various down payments. Know your plan before meeting with the loan officer.

optimized financing example

Save Money With Maximum Loan Size
Wondering what size loan fits your budget ?

Just enter the amount you can pay each month, the loan length, and the interest rate. Debt Reduction Calculator will tell you the maximum loan size.

Completely Free
Debt Reduction Calculator is free. There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, time limitations, or feature restrictions.



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