Debt Reduction Calculator revision history

current release 1.1.4

  • added snippet link ads to footer of main window
  • updated help file, content and cosmetics
  • made cosmetic changes for snowball and avalanche options
  • removed slower real-time update option

  • fixed error with research mode interest rate of zero
  • fixed error with research mode not clearing text

-SYSTEM- (transparent to user)
  • changed product to free download

  • updated license agreement

  • updated footer links with new company site URLs
  • updated help file with new company site URLs
  • made minor cosmetic changes

-SYSTEM- (transparent to user)
  • made minor organization changes

  • added PREFERENCES dialog
  • added [Clear] data feature
  • added [Help] files
  • added product icon

  • separated selections into permanent and session preferences
  • changed preferences from per-machine to per-user data
  • changed [Upgrades] depending on FREE or FULL version
  • made minor cosmetic changes

  • moved write permission data to AppData location

-SYSTEM- (transparent to user)
  • improved re-use of resources
  • improved re-use of processing
  • improved consistency of processing
  • improved consolidation
  • improved and added error checks

  • made minor installation improvements

  • Initial release
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